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Podcamp Toronto : Recording the show (45 min) — Workshop

This hands on workshop led by Mark and Bob of Canadian Podcast Buffet actually led the group of 40-odd participants through the recording process. As a group, we recorded a bunch of audio excerpts – everything from intro, to wrap up, to ‘sound effects’, to call to action.

Some tips shared included paring down contact information, microphone usage, phone interview technology, editing, podsafe music and creative commons.

Ex : have to be careful of background music when recording in a public place. This music is also protected by copyright laws.

That said, Ozzy Osborne is on the podsafe music network, apparently.

Resources :

Podsafe Music Network


Canadian Creative Commons podcasting legal guide

Independent online distribution alliance (ioda)


The workshop is live streamed (and, I presume, archived) here.

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