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Podcamp Toronto : Recording the show (45 min) — Workshop

This hands on workshop led by Mark and Bob of Canadian Podcast Buffet actually led the group of 40-odd participants through the recording process. As a group, we recorded a bunch of audio excerpts – everything from intro, to wrap up, to ‘sound effects’, to call to action.

Some tips shared included paring down contact information, microphone usage, phone interview technology, editing, podsafe music and creative commons.

Ex : have to be careful of background music when recording in a public place. This music is also protected by copyright laws.

That said, Ozzy Osborne is on the podsafe music network, apparently.

Resources :

Podsafe Music Network


Canadian Creative Commons podcasting legal guide

Independent online distribution alliance (ioda)


The workshop is live streamed (and, I presume, archived) here.

Podcamp Toronto : Zero to Podcasting

Zero to Podcasting se veut une session pour débutants. Je passerai mon temps entre cet atelier de deux jours et les autres sessions.

Fait intéressant : je dirais que 2/3 des participants ici ce matin s’intéressent aux podcasts pour des raisons d’affaires.

On commence avec le choix et la planification d’un podcast.

Ce qui en est ressorti :

  • la passion est un élément essentiel au succès d’une baladodiffusion – c’est la seule façon de maintenir non seulement son propre intérêt mais celui de l’auditoire.
  • les participants se questionnent quant au bon outil à l’appliquer : blogue? podcast? vidcast? afin d’obtenir la visibilité qu’ils souhaitent et joindre leur public.
  • les ‘show notes’ : pourquoi s’en servir? de quelle façon?

Bon! Je m’éclipse pour participer à la prochaine session hors Z2P : je dois encore choisir entre deux. À suivre.

Podcamp Ottawa

Thank goodness for people like Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche. For podcasting ‘newbies’ like me, Sunday’s Podcamp Ottawa was a godsend.

I missed Charles Hodgson’s session on WordPress, but got a ton of great info from the roundtable discussion that followed. I also really appreciated Bob’s Audacity demonstration and picked up a couple of tips that will certainly make my life easier.

A couple of interesting things came out of the discussions, including the possibility that a podcasting wiki be developed, which would include a step-by-step basic guide to podcasting. I would LOVE to have my hand held through the basic process just once, then go off to tweak and explore new techniques afterwards. As a non-instruction-reading-non-techie, I find it can be daunting to try to figure software out by myself and having a clear and basis step-by-step process to follow to the letter would definitely help bring my confidence levels up.

As a bonus to the day, I met a lot of really interesting people and have a few potential podcasts on my radar. Can’t wait to see them come to life.

So thanks, Mark, Bob and Charles (and our host, the NAC), for a great… encouraging… event. Cheers!