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The Sex Profile: public awareness campaigns don’t need to be boring

Lobbying the public to change a long standing habit is never the easiest of mandates a PR or marketing team can get. Enter Sweden’s The Sex Profile campaign. Aimed at getting the country’s youth to improve safe sex habits, the campaign was interactive, cheeky, fun … and effective. 39% of young Stockholmers reported feeling more positive about condom use after being exposed to the mobile/QR code/web/print campaign.

Check it out:

Advertising Agency: Ester, Stockholm, Sweden
CEO/Account Executive: Roger Kempe
Creative Director: Lotta Mellgren
Art Director: Emil Jonsson
Copywriter: Magnus Ivansson
Graphic designer: Michelle Christiansen
Production Manager: Anna Wennerström
Production company: Queensbridge
Production company: Monterosa

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