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Hipsters, Scenesters, Artsers and SEO

CT Moore has some interesting things to say about SEO in this weekend’s blog posting, including the fact that using bold for Michelle Sullivan Communications will make Google like me even more.

To sum up his thinking, I present to you his SEO strategy recap :

So, what I’ve done for SEO here is:

  • emphasized certain keywords by emboldening them: Montrealer, hipster, geekster, and scenester (as far as I know, I just invented artser, so it doesn’t really count).
  • employed those keywords extensively throughout the body of the text
  • wrote a post that was longer, rather than short — Google love 1,000+ words, not that this post was that long, but generally, the longer, the better (more to index)
  • leveraged internal linking: that’s linking to stuff I want indexed, using anchor text and alt tags so they rank for the keywords I want them to.
  • and linked out plenty so that (1) the internal linking doesn’t look spammy, and (2) others notice that I exist and possible link me back either soon or down the line, in the long-tail, after they’ve discovered and followed me for a while

So thanks CT. And thanks to Julien, Rudy and Casey for doing whatcha do. Oh. And for helping me with my Google juice.

Now I just need to fill up this space with a longer post with, oh, say 1000+ words.

If only it weren’t so late. If only I weren’t so tired.

Shel Holtz at 3e mardi Third Tuesday Montreal Monday May 26th at 6pm. Be there.

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