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A few years ago, I had to drive as far as Ottawa to attend a social media event. Now, there are more social media events than you can shake a stick at (where does that expression come from, anyway?) including the two Montreal events I organize. My absolute personal favourite, though, is Podcasters Across Borders – or PAB to its friends. I was at another kind of event this past weekend – my brother’s wedding – and spoke with another PAB veteran. We agreed the people who attend PAB are weird … in the best possible way. This weirdness completely explains why I love PAB so much. While other social media events drown in startup and marketing presentations focussed on monetization, PAB reminds me every time of the beauty of social media.

You’ll meet actors-who-podcast, knitters-who-podcast, scientists-who-podcast, geeks-who-podcast, photographers-who-podcast, comics-who-podcast, educators-who-podcast, comedians-who-podcast … and the list goes on. They’ll impress you with their passion and commitment. They’ll inspire you.

PAB has broadened its scope to include everything social media, so the non-podcasters among you will find the kind of weirdness that will make you happy at PAB too.

I didn’t attend last year, so don’t know if Ottawa has the same charm Kingston did, but I suspect that it’s the people, not the venue, that make the event. I’m looking forward to finding out.

You can register here.

Embrace your inner (and outer) weirdness. See you at PAB.


  1. Marc Snyder

    2011.05.19 @ 20:22

    And do you remember who was presenting at that event? 😉

    BTW, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first recorded usage of « than you can shake a stick at » was in the issue of the Lancaster Journal of Pennsylvania dated 5 August 1818: “We have in Lancaster as many Taverns as you can shake a stick at”.


  2. Michelle Sullivan

    2011.05.19 @ 21:40

    Absolutely! I might be getting my years mixed up, but I remember presentations by Julien Smith, Tod Maffin, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, Dave Brodbeck, Neil Gorman (Your podcast is NOT a toaster!), Mitch Joel, Sage Tyrtle, Scarborough Dude and that’s just off the top of my head. Great sessions. Dynamic, stimulating .. tons O’ fun. Tu devrais venir cette année, Marc!

    As for the etymology of that expression, I think there are such things as communications geeks, because I looked it up too 😉

  3. Marc Snyder

    2011.05.19 @ 22:10

    Je me suis fait mal comprendre. Quand j’ai écrit «And do you remember who was presenting at that event?», je référais au Third Tuesday Ottawa.

  4. Michelle Sullivan

    2011.05.20 @ 08:48

    Lui? Non … il ne devait pas être très mémorable 😉

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