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How do you avoid becoming bored with social media?

Here’s the problem with being ahead of your time: By the time everyone catches up, you’re bored.

This quote by Fran Lebowitz resonates with me from time to time. When colleagues and clients begin their discussions around social media, I’m carried back about 5-6 years, to a time I was first discovering a new passion: social media. I look for the same light in their eyes that I’m sure shone from mine. The  same enthusiasm I had when I talked about how social media was going to revolutionize the way we communicate as a society. I don’t quite see it, but suspect that it’s because they don’t get to enjoy the same thrill of discovery that I did back then. The social media path is fast becoming a well beaten one.

Social media has become my area of specialisation. The last thing I’d want to do is to become bored with my niche.

How do you avoid becoming bored with social media?

  • Take advantage of what social media allows you to do best: surround yourself with stimulating people. Connect with them;
  • Discuss what you learn. Be humble and ask for advice. Learn from others;
  • Pay it forward in the dozens of ways social media can help you contribute to your community or niche;
  • Take pleasure in initiating others, knowing they’ll help move the discipline forward;
  • Try to look at things … strategies, tactics, client needs … from new perspectives;
  • Keep pushing the envelope;
  • Keep pushing yourself – to network, to learn, to explore, to discover, to produce. Even when it’s hard. Challenge yourself to reach new heights and don’t stop until you do.


  1. Dominic Desmarais

    2010.11.30 @ 12:10

    Hi Mrs Sullivan,

    first of all, please accept my apology. I’m french canadian so writing in english is not what i do best.

    I was touched by your comment because i live it. But not about social media. You see, everyone who’s ahead of is time, whatever the area of specialisation, will feel the same. For my perspective, its not that i’m bored. I just feel isolated to be alone with all my understanding and not being able to have discussion with people about my knowledge.

    You suggest to take advice from others, to look at new perspective, to discover? Would you allow me to do so? If i can suggest only one thing: look at how you learn your knowledge, how you got on top, how you feel with it and now, look at every area of life such as economy, education, health, environment,etc… You will make many links that will bring you to another level just by seeing that in all areas, there is people just like you that are ahead of their time. You will se sort of a pattern, meaning that their – just like you – are driven by a strong energy that pushes them. And you will get a better understanding of our living ground, the earth, by opening yourself to every area. And then, you will really be ahead of your time!

    Sorry again for my english. Best of luck,


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