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IABC announces its September master class

IABC Montreal has an interesting lineup planned for Montreal PR consultants. If you’re looking to fill out an already full week of social media type events, then hit the IABC master class on the morning of Wednesday September 16th.

8am – Words Are Not Enough: Understand the importance of visuals (Suzanne Salvo)

9:40 am – No Turning Back: How Social Media Changes How People Connect (Mark Schumann)

10:45am – Are Business Communicators Still Relevant? The Conversation. (Jacqui D’Eon)

I think it’s safe to presume, judging by the biographies, that the presentations will be done in English.

Breakfast and lunch are served. Early birds are rewarded with a special price, so be sure to sign up before September 1st.

To register: Céline Lombard Milot – celine.milot@gmail.com

Full details online.


  1. Rodrigo Lima

    2009.08.20 @ 20:34

    Thank you Michelle for promoting IABC/Montréal’s event.

    It will be a very interesting conference indeed. We hope to see you there!

    And for those who may not know yet, we are celebrating our 35th Anniversary. A cocktail is taking place next Wednesday, August 26th at Koko Bar (Opus Hotel). If you’d like to join in the party, please reserve as well with Céline Milot by email at celine.milot@gmail.com. Members are welcome free of charge, non-members 25$.

    Let’s celebrate!


  2. Yvonne Callaway Smith

    2009.08.21 @ 00:44

    Thanks for the plug, Michelle!

    Yes. the sessions will b ein english as our speakers are coming from USA, Italy and Toronto, but we’ll have folks on hand to faire traduire les questions en francais. IABC/Montreal is working hard to be a full-service communications organisation in both official languages.

    Clarification: we’re serving a d*** tasty breakfast catered by our sponsor, the Montreal Museum of Fine arts – their mini croissants, chocolatines etc are unbelievable. Lunch will be the responsibility of the attendee, but we have a very good and reasonably priced resto a deax pas that is ready to take care of us. Register before 1 september to benefit from the significantly reduced Early Bird Special.

    Hope to see you there!

    Yvonne, prez

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