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Podcamp Toronto : WordPress

Bob Goyetche recommends having your own WordPress site witha Libsyn back end. You get the best of both worlds : a cost effective media file hosting platform, and a site that is flexible and reliable.

WordPress.org – this is where the software actually lives. You download and install it on your server. You do need some technical expertise for this, since you’re managing your own database. A lot of hosts will do the install and updates for you with one easy click. WordPress.org is what you want to download if you want to set your site up under your own domain name.

WordPress.com – like blogger, content is hosted on their server, so you end up with a WordPress domain name. This, apparently, cannot be migrated to your own domain name.

The joy of Podcamp : you vote with your feet. Time to duck out of this session and do another interview.


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