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Podcamp Toronto : Greencasting

This series of presentations by ‘greencasters’ showcased a few environmentally oriented blogs and podcasts :

Glenn McKnight and Ryan Wiseman of the Energy Conservation Society of Ontario presented their Oshawa Energy Conservation Fair campaign strategy. Their campaign capitalizes upon the how-to angle, speaking to people who are already sensitized to the importance of controlling carbon emissions.

Ryan Wiseman of Besustainable blogs and podcasts his interviews with people doing ‘cool’ things in the space. He remains involved in The Green Majority.

Victoria Fenner also participated in the presentation, speaking about her blog, Magnetic Spirits. She also spoke about the Rabble podcast network, ‘a growing collection of Canadian podcasts which offer an alternative take on politics, entertainment, society, stories, community and life in general’. She spoke about One World Radio as a good resource for uploading content. (Également disponible en français)

The participants say they’re are in the embryonic stages of trying to set up standards for greencasters and bringing the community together through a collective, so the focus of the presentation was to reach out, more than to really share and exchange expertise. Frankly, a lot of it sounded like a pitch session. It’ll be up to me to grab some of these people to get their input and insights on their experiences in the greencasting space, but either way, I’m left from some intriguing resources to explore. Oh! And I’m also left with a Project Porchlight lightbulb, courtesy of One Change. Thanks, One Change.

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