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Adventures in podcasting

So as I mentioned here before at some point, I’m rolling up my sleeves and getting a podcast together. The subject will only interest those who graduated from high school with me a couple of years (decades) ago, but the idea is for me to get comfortable with even the technical aspects of podcasting, so I can better understand this interesting medium and propose it to my clients.

After much struggle, I pray my editing is now done. As I wait for my brother-in-law to return from the gym so I can get onto his wireless network to download LAME to my laptop, I thought I’d send a call out. You see, I wasted a *lot* of time with Audacity. My podcast is in interview format and incorporates music, so there were a lot of tracks. Guru Maffin has told me that Audacity doesn’t do well with multi-tracks and that that might explain why, four seconds into some of my tracks, the sound vanished, only to come back again about 4 seconds from the end of the track. This happened again and again. I’m wondering if, by editing and tweaking other tracks, I somehow affected these tracks, causing the problem. Strange that it always followed the same 4 second-or-so pattern.

So if you have any ideas please let me know. Oh and I’ve heard the « switch to Mac! » suggestion already, folks, trust me. 🙂

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