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The great debate

Destiny stepped in at the last minute to keep me from Tuesday’s Yulbiz meeting. Which is too bad, because I’m looking forward to meeting more local bloggers.

Most of my interaction with PR bloggers has been through Joe Thornley’s Third Monday series in Ottawa. It means driving 2 hours and, given the late hour, spending the night in our nation’s capital, but it seems to be necessary given that there are (to my knowledge) very few Montrealers using social media in their PR practices. In fact, it was in Ottawa only a couple of months ago that I met Marc Snyder and ever since then I’ve been trying to convince him to come speak at the SQPRP to help raise the profile of social media among La Belle Province’s PR professionals.

I’m incorporating social media in my proposals to clients but they’re not really biting yet. The only one that has nibbled is my European client, who authorized blogger relations on top of media relations. It worked well, but I’m still chomping at the bit to try my hand at social media on a more significant scale. I really think it could be beneficial to some of my clients .. maybe one day they’ll let themselves be convinced.

We probably need to convince ourselves as an industry first, though. Social media still needs to overcome an underlying concern that it’s is a fad that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

On that theme, found an interesting article about social media releases that leads to an interesting podcast. Enjoy!

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