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I’m reading Maggie Fox in a ROB article about Twitter

If this were Twitter, instead of my blog, my standard title for this kind of thing (Article of the Day: Twitter in ROB) would be something like what’s printed above.

Yesterday, everyone would have known that I’d spent the day procrastinating, booking my communal garden, negotiating a new contract, going to the bank (deposit! yay!), fretting about my website ravamp, talking to my brilliant 6-month old nephew Caleb in Vancouver, and eating chicken stir-fry for dinner. That I’d gotten a tad nostalgic watching a wedding on ER and shaken off the blues with a buddy, stuffing condoms, lube, and information about HIV into tiny plastic bags for distribution in bars in the Village (long story, don’t ask).

Facebook offers a similar gadget.

I’ve tried both. At best I find it amusing, at worst I find it weird. This idea of sharing details of your life by virtual post-it note smacks of the generation that has no qualms about using their cellphone to dump their girlfriend, while riding a crowded city bus. Then again, 32 to 39 year old women are probably not Twitter’s target market (and no, I’m not telling you where I fall within that demographic).

Our good friend Maggie Fox, over at Social Media Group and the Social Media Collective, is quoted in Shane Schick’s article on Twitter and its business applications.

As everyone learned with IM, and e-mail before that, you cannot close the floodgates. This application will get in whether you like it or not.
— Maggie Fox

Article here.

Should you be curious as to why Caleb-the-six-month-old-nephew deserves the title of 2007 Most Brilliant Baby, well, besides the fact that we share the same genes, get this: Bébé Caleb ‘talks’ to me when I call by slamming his hand down on the telephone touch pad to beep at me when I coo at him over speakerphone. Bonjour, Caleb gets me 2 beeps. Bon-jour. Brilliant. He’ll be on Twitter within the year. Guaranteed.

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