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Podcamp Toronto : Status Competition

Nos amis Jerome Paradis et Kim Vallée se sont déplacés pour présenter leur application ‘Status Competition’ aux participants de Podcamp Toronto.

Jerome explique qu’ils étaient à la recherche d’une façon amusante de ‘jouer’ avec Facebook et de faire de l’expérimentation sociale. Kim dit qu’elle utilisait le status competition de Facebook pour promouvoir son blogue et trouvait que c’était une façon intéressante de suivre les membres de sa propre communauté.

Ils ont trouvé intéressant d’apporter une valeur ajoutée à une application déjà existante, plutôt que de lancer quelque chose de neuf. Jerome a raconté une anecdote concernant l’achat de nouvelles lunettes et l’impact ressenti quand Kim a utilisé Facebook pour en discuter. Au YULBiz suivant, ils étaient six à soulever la question des nouvelles lunettes. Kim et Jerome ont donc compris le potentiel existant.

Quelques conseils pour les développeurs : selon Jerome, les applications Facebook doivent demeurer simples et utiles.

Practicing what one preaches : YULBlog

Part of me is listening to the windstorm blow and shake branches off the trees and wanting to stay home tonight.

Part of me is fighting the urge, desperately wanting to attend tonight’s YULBlog meetup.

The second part of me is reminding the first part of me of what a great monthly gathering of Montreal bloggers it is. Of what a great time is certain to be had by all. Of the people that’ll be there and who I want (and at times need) to talk to.

The second part of me is particularly naggy about the fact that next Tuesday, I intend to spread the good word about YULBlog to the social media neophytes who will be in attendance when I wade in, giving my 2 cents worth, at the SQPRP’s panel on social media for PR practitioners. Essential, I’ll say, if you want to build the relationships which are the necessary foundations of the social media space. If you want to be inspired. If you want to get it.

Practice what you preach, a wise man once said.

Meanwhile, the first part of me is tempting the second part with a nice glass of wine, a good book and the comforts of home. My siamese cat Dario is apparently in cahoots with Part I.

Torn, am I.

I’ve posted this status update in Facebook, hoping for encouragement :

Michelle a peur d’être emportée par le vent — devrais-je prendre mon courage à deux mains et aller quand même à YULBlog ce soir?

We’ll see how the social graph responds.

Facebook status updates tell me Kim’s heading off to the restaurant before hitting YULBlog and Laurent is at a cocktail across the way. They’ll both be showing up a little later. I still have time to decide.

Oh, hang on. As of 34 minutes ago, Michel was mourning the loss of Pushing up Daisies in his TV scheduling and Sylvain admits he’s square for deciding to stay in tonight. Part I has more allies than just Dario in its corner.

I think the deal maker would be if Dave were going to be there, but since he hasn’t updated his status in 12 hours, all I know for sure is that he’s in Montreal tonight. Not what he’s up to.

Ah. Now isn’t that interesting. Social networks have suddenly become my Magic Super 8 ball (TM) of choice.

Damn. Once I hit ‘publish’ I’ll have to go. Otherwise I’ll get tons of Tweets, Facebook wall messages and good old fashioned emails ribbing me for being a wuss.

Should I stay or should I go? Where’s that Magic Super 8 ball, anyway?