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Sheridan lockdown : Resolution

Happily, yesterday’s Sheridan College lockdown ended without incident.

This morning the semi-transparent lockdown page has disappeared and the website is back to its normal look and feel. A message from Sheridan’s President is prominently displayed in the form of a media release. It includes the following information about communications strategies implemented during this crisis :

Our college community quickly and successfully followed our established emergency procedures. (…) Sheridan’s emergency broadcast system was used throughout to advise the campus community that this was a lockdown, not a drill and to stay where they were. (…) Our #1 concern is always for the safety of our students and staff and the Sheridan community. Our lockdown procedures worked. These procedures were established in conjunction with police last fall, and served us well in this situation.

Discussions on Facebook are happening here, though not here, nor here.

No word on whether or not anyone thought to take advantage of the ‘Message All Members’ feature available to Sheridan Facebook groups.

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