Article of the day : Local realtors reach out to new clients with blogs

I would so blog if I were a real-estate agent.

I’ve often thought that I might eventually try my hand at real estate. A couple of years ago, I went house hunting and visited about 75 of them before finding the perfect home (ok, I’m picky). I had a blast scouring MLS listings, checking out foundations and rooftops, imagining potential and scoping out neighbourhoods. Then I flash back to the amazement I felt as a ten year old, that the real estate agent presenting an offer on my family cottage was at our house at midnight. Crazy.

Then again, sometimes I’m working at midnight…

Either way. I would so blog if I were a real-estate agent. It’s a perfect mix, allowing not only the promotion of properties, but, maybe more importantly, self-promotion. Convincing someone to list with you depends so much on the image they have of you and the confidence you’re able to inspire. I’d blog about properties, of course, but also give those house-selling and house-buying tips that can be touchy to share when you have your clients in front of you. Like telling them their 100+ doll collection, chintzy sofa and floral wallpaper have to go. What better way than a blog to share the kind of advice that will help sellers unload their properties quickly, at the maximum possible price?

With this in mind, I was interested to come across this article on real estate bloggers.

Check it out here.

(ed.note : fixed the link on 20080115 – hope this version of the article stays online more than 24 hours!)

3 réponses à “Article of the day : Local realtors reach out to new clients with blogs”
  1. Avatar de Tod Maffin
    Tod Maffin

    « The article requested can not be found »


  2. Avatar de Michelle Sullivan
    Michelle Sullivan

    Why Mr. Maffin! How nice that you read my blog. Now tell me .. am I the only one who thinks that real estate associations would make GREAT clients for a conference?

  3. Avatar de Tod Maffin
    Tod Maffin

    Hehehehe…. that’s a good idea. Maybe I should consider getting those as clients! 😉

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