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So I’m on the prowl for good podsafe music for my client’s podcast (launch date now early 2008). Primary criteria : quality, Canadian content. Have been pleasantly surprised by how open Canada’s independent artists are to going podsafe. Should be a good mix. Can’t wait to unveil the collection.

The hunt has been fun. But I tell ya : if only podcasting and iTunes had been around when I was in high school. I might have spread my suburban-bound wings beyond the Duran Duran and Wham that permeated my school like a festering sore and that I hated with a passion. (Why O Why wasn’t I hanging around with the punk kids?) Chris Anderson is bang on.

But I’m indulging beyond our borders (how to resist?) and I have to say I’m blown away by Anji Bee‘s Chillout Music Podcast. Wow!

Stumbled on it tonight, surfing on the atmosphere69 site. What a voice this girl has! And her music selection has me in a veritable tizzy.

Life’s good. Anji’s got me feeling groovy.

Bee’s singing is a perfect counterpoint, a blend of classic mid-century jazz-pop flow and a bit of ’60s cool in a French or Brazilian sense — some low-key scatting here, some warm, playful crooning there. — Ned Raggett

Like having a cocktail of lovely tunes and honey poured directly into your ear. Well-chosen music, voice links that make you feel cosy inside, it all adds up to an essential weekly download.David McCandless, Good Podcast Guide, Nov 2006

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  1. Anji

    2007.09.07 @ 02:45

    hey michelle! someone forwarded me a link to your blog post. many thanks for the kind words.

    as it happens, i collaborated with a canadian outfit called bitstream dream and i’ve made several songs available on the podsafe music network under my own name, anji bee. i hope you will enjoy them.

    also, my band lovespirals have been looking in to moving to canada in the next few years. hopefully your client’s podcast will be in full swing and we can participate as new canadian citizens. hee hee!

    glad you found me via atmosphere69. i was guest hosting the show for several months this year but found it necessary to resign in order to complete my 3rd lovespirals album, due out this october. for the curious, please see lovespirals.com.

    thank you once again for plugging the chillcast with anji bee!

  2. Anonymous

    2007.10.28 @ 20:49

    Here is a site that offers Podsafe royalty free music.


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