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Vancouver : staying connected

Have I mentioned that I’m spending the summer in Vancouver? Taking advantage of my time here to hook up with some local social media illuminaries, including Tod Maffin and Kate Trgovac.

The great thing about social media is how effectively it can be used to network. I’ve taken advantage of LinkedIn to book meetings with Vancouver’s telecom upper management in order to do some outreach for my Hall of Fame client. Very effective.

And just minutes ago, I had the somewhat mindblowing (one would say for small minds) experience of spotting a post on Kate’s blog about a Vancouver Third Tuesday organizers launch meeting with Joseph Thornley next week, moving over to Facebook to message Joe to see if I could crash the party in the hopes of gleaning info that would be useful for starting up the Montreal chapter, and finally moving back to my Facebook homepage only to discover that Joe had already or had simultaneously sent me an invitation for the event.


As the tagline goes : Now if only life were like that…

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