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PAB 2007 – Day 3 Topic 5 – Building a Podcast – the inside and outside of iTunes

I bumped into Charles Hodgson on the Saturday evening of PAB2007. I was heading out to explore Kingston and he was sitting looking a little ‘peaked’ in the lobby. I’d noticed him during the conference over the past couple of days, so took a chance and invited him to dinner. Luckily for me, he accepted my invitation.

Lucky, not only because he was charming company and indulged me in my curiosity about the ghost walking tour of the historic downtown area, but because he shared a long list of tips about getting started as a podcaster.

He was one of the last speakers at PAB2007 last weekend (as opposed to this past weekend, last weekend was almost 2 weeks ago : delay in publication caused by travels and baby distractions). Charles is the author of the soon-to-be-published Carnal Knowledge, an etymological look at body parts.

His presentation at PAB2007 outlined his use of his podcast, Podictionary, as a vehicle to promote his book.

According to Charles, iTunes is king. Out of all the visibility he’s received since launching his podcast — something he did within 18 hours of getting the idea — iTunes has reaped the greatest rewards.

Etymology’s pretty interesting. Something I learned from Charles that weekend :

Thril = hole in old English. Nosthrils = nose holes

Cool hmm?


  1. Charles Hodgson

    2007.08.07 @ 14:42

    Lucky for me too I think!

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