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Glimpse into a past life

Signed up to Facebook this week. Given how much I’ve been hearing about it, I figured it was de-rigeur.

Came to the cruel realization that I’m a good 10-15 years older than the average subscriber — not too many of my high school chums have signed up, although it was nice to become reacquainted with the one who had.

What was interesting, though, was scanning through the Montreal profiles and stumbling on those of the once-little-girls I’d taught in a past life, during my brief stint as a private school History teacher back in the late ’90s. Not hard to do, given how easily Facebook lends itself to a six-degrees-of-separation exercise. From the looks of it, these former Sec. I students are all university grads now. I know which city they call home these days, where they’re working and what their interests and political affiliations are. I’ve seen some in wedding dresses. More than one, I suspect, has someone calling her Mummy, although the shock of seeing one with babe in arms might have been too much for my old ticker to take. And I kid you not, each girl had a friends list of about 250.

Six degrees of separation available at the click of a mouse.

There’s one client I’m thinking of — one who shall remain nameless — who really (but really) needs to jump on the social media bandwagon. The potential of it all, especially in his case, is simply mindboggling.

Just for old times’ sake, I’ll sign this blog entry :

Madame Sullivan

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