Michelle Sullivan Communications

Social media pioneer
Social acceptability specialist
History buff
Ethical practice

Michelle Sullivan headshot

Public relations consultant accepting social acceptability mandates.
Digital specialist – first in Quebec.
Projects in development at the intersection of history and technology.

Testimonials :: Témoignages

Alain Charbonneau
Journaliste et Conseiller en relations publiques

Michelle est une des meilleures spécialistes des médias sociaux au Québec.

N’hésitez pas à lui demander conseil elle vous fera des suggestions réalistes et efficaces.

Global Head, R&D Management Office / Chief of Staff, Sanofi

Michelle Sullivan is at the leading edge of the public relations and communications industry. Not only is she one of the first women in Montreal to embrace and responsibly implement social media strategies, she is also one of the best communications project managers that I know.

Chef, Centre d’Innovation Alstom

Michelle est une collaboratrice hors pair pour bien gérer les enjeux internes politiques et de communication externe via les medias sociaux autant que traditionnel.

Barrister & Solicitor

Michelle is as organized and conscientious as she is creative and goal-oriented. She can create a concept and deliver it to perfection, which not all consultants can achieve.