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One potentially interesting use for Facebook is for contest promotion … and one interesting use for contests is buzz creation. Everyone loves a good contest. The combination of the two can give an interesting result.

One such example is the Frank Sinatra – The Chairman of the Board contest :

Frank Sinatra passed away 10 years ago on May 14th 1998. To honor Frank Sinatra, we are having a World-Wide contest. Enter now! You Can WIN!… no matter where you live! WIN *** all 6 BRAND NEW *** Frank Sinatra collections.5 DVD collections and the release of a CD with 22 remastered and remixed Reprise hits. Enter before May 14th 2008 – and if you win, you’ll get a bonus prize of the Best-selling book « The Way You Wear Your Hat »

Admittedly, not a huge budget here. There are no million dollar prizes or trips to Vegas. But there’s definitely enough to attract true blue Sinatra fans, which is the point.

Who’s behind the contest? Fan pages make that challenging, as, contrary to Group pages, site creators aren’t listed.

My guess? All you have to do is ask the eternal crime fighting question : Who benefits?

Dave Domenicano.

Toyota sales manager by day, crooner by night, Dave does a pretty mean Sinatra impression, if his tribute videos are any indication. And his video is front and center in the Sinatra fan page.

Not a bad way to get your name circulating among true Sinatra fans. Better yet, as a Fan page administrator, Dave now has access to a great marketing combination : Sinatra fans living in the Montreal area.

Now I like Sinatra as much as the next chick, but I really joined this Fan page to see how long it’s going to take for an invitation to Dave’s next show to pop up in my Facebook inbox or in the advertising bar.

Meanwhile, Dave’s probably going quite nicely with the Amazon and Google ads on his contest registration page.

Pas fou le gars. Bada bing.

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