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Vancouver Blogger Meetup : Charming bunch!

Just got back from tonight’s Vancouver blogger Meetup meeting. Such a nice bunch of people, all very welcoming and friendly… and chatty, which is great! Had fun chatting with everyone about their blogs and their business and got into a heated (Vancouver style) debate about the wisdom of integrating blogs into professional websites. Some had no qualms about it, seeing SEO advantages, while others preferred separating their websites from their blogs as a way of minimizing risk.

And found a Mitch fan! Yes, the influence of Montreal’s favourite social media marketing guru has spread to the West coast. One of tonight’s participants was impressed by a presentation Mitch made in Vancouver recently… without slides. Apparently nothing, not event technical difficulties, fazes Mr Joel.

Thanks to the Vancouver crew who opened their arms and welcomed me into their circle :

Isabella Mori , psychotherapist, and Meetup group organiser

Jan Karlsbjerg, tech guy (ok, he has a PhD… very tech guy?)

Gene Blishen, Credit Union general manager and philosopher extraordinaire

Pete Quily, Adult ADD Coach (apparently marketers are prone – take his online quiz today!)

Al Pasternak, composting innovator

Carola Goetze, gallery owner and MySpace fan… ponding a jump into the blogosphere

May our paths cross again!