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Podcamp Toronto : Archives online

If you’re kicking yourself for having missed last weekend’s Podcamp Toronto, relax. Video archives from various sessions are now available online, courtesy of the Podcamp wiki.

Since I made a conscious decision to skip a majority of the marketing/social media sessions, in order to focus my attention on everything podcast, I missed fantastic presentations by people like Chris Brogan. Rumour has it he wowed the crowd with his Social Media & Networking Starter Guide.

Thanks goes out to the Podcamp Toronto organisers and session presenters for making these video archives available to us. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Podcamp Toronto : audio recap

You can hear a recap of a few of the Podcamp Toronto sessions… and hear my dulcet tones… by listening to George Motoc’s podcast here. George normally podcasts for the Romanian community, but made an exception in order to share his thoughts about his Podcamp Toronto experience with a wider audience.

I’ve interviewed George about interviewing techniques for podcasting, and will post that interview along others recorded during Podcamp Toronto once this blog migrates over to WordPress. Hopefully very, very soon.

Podcamp Toronto 2008

Podcamp Boston ne fait que tirer à sa fin et déjà, on nous annonce les dates de Podcamp Toronto 2008.

Date : 24 et 25 févrierLieu : Université RyersonTarif : 0$Infos : Google GroupsInscription : ici

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