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Dear Rockers : an exercise in online mea culpa

The incomparable Darren Barefoot has a new project on the go. Dear Rockers (a.k.a. Paying back musicians five bucks at a time) aims to free us all of the guilt we bear for downloading or otherwise pirating music.

Many of us own music that we didn’t pay for. We don’t feel guilty about shafting the record company, but what about the musicians themselves?

Here’s how it works :

1. Pick a musician 2. Write them a letter 3. Scan or photograph the letter and send it to us4. Send off the letter5. Enjoy your new, guilt-free life

Darren must have been raised Catholic. As was I. Here’s my contribution :

Dear Gipsy Kings,

In October 2006 (strikeout) 1996 I received a mixed tape from my then boyfriend, who was a Californian god. I specify, because it’s the only excuse I have for being seduced into accepting a non-purchased gift of your music. I enclose 10$ : that’s 5$ for my sin and 5$ for Surfer-god Tom’s. Thanks for the memories.

{heart} Michelle

If you look at the top centre of that photo, you can almost make out the tiny head that is Tom’s portrait among the dried flowers and plane ticket. My, my, was he ever lovely. Thanks for the memories, Darren.

Tod Maffin (for Gowan), Julie of Boot and Blade (for Imogen Heap), Tanis of Boob Tube (for New Pornographers) and Monica of Your dose of lunacy (for Billy Joel) have already joined in the fun.

Now if I could just find a stamp …