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Podcamp Toronto : Promoting through Twitter

Dave Delaney (Two boobs and a baby + and The Nothing Show) has a last minute addition to the Podcamp Toronto schedule : with all the Twitter talk that’s been happening this weekend, he’s decided to look at using the platform to promote brands.

Some interesting stuff :

  • Japan is the leading Twittering country
  • Twitter is popular among a more educated audience
  • m/f = roughly 50/50
  • Use it : to build community, share news and promote
  • Tweet Scan = good service for tracking posts
  • Twitter has a nice viral element in that posts might be intriguing enough for you to find out who your buddy is chatting with
  • Use Twitter Tools to plug into WordPress – lets you post your blog entries to Twitter – basically another way to subscribe to a blog feed
  • Good source for breaking news
  • Use TinyURL, SNURL, URLtea or any other URL shortener to share web links
  • Everytime Dave posts to Twitter, he sees peaks in his blog traffic
  • Keep tweets short
  • Promotes two-way audience engagement
  • Southwest airlines is using Twitter to announce discounts and events
  • Set up a Twitter account to connect to your podcast
  • Tips : search for your name spelled wrong or as one word to be sure you’re getting all your messages
  • Use Jott.com to post from your phone to your Twitter feed or send a Twitter Gram
  • Use Twitter badges on your blog
  • Firefox plugin = Twitbin lets you follow the timeline
  • Twittervision lets you follow real time tweets showing you the location of random users
  • You can create an RSS feed for Tweet Scan