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Facebook app of the day : BC Hydro’s Green Gifts

Have you noticed that zombie, vampire and werewolf attacks are on the decline in Facebook? As the platform gains maturity, and users begin to tire of useless applications or become suspect as the result of increased awareness of privacy issues, usage takes a nosedive. I suspect that users are becoming more discriminating and that, shortly, the applications they add will be a truer reflection of theirs values and concerns.

If that happens, it’s good news for apps like Rob Cottingham’s Green Gifts. Working with its client, BC Hydro, Cottingham’s Social Signal has come up with a free Facebook app that comes with a message : you can send a friend an energy-saving ‘Power Smart’ tip every 48 hours, along with a personalized note.

And, if you’re a BC resident, you’re even eligible for a prize.

Factoid of the day : According to Green Gifts, BC Hydro is working towards electricity self-sufficiency in B.C. by 2016.