Histoires et mémoires corporativesCorporate histories & legacies


Corporate histories

When history meets PR, companies, their employees and partners gain a perspective that instills pride of past accomplishments and a motivation to move forward with purpose. Whether your goal is to produce articles for your newsletter, blog or website, a brochure or book, or digital audio and video projects, you want to be sure your corporate history is in the hands of a professional communicator with a historian’s soul. Your corporate history is a precious resource. We’re here to ensure it is treated with care.

Corporate legacies

Your business is at a crossroads, with founders or executives approaching retirement age? Or might there be an acquisition in sight? Valuable knowledge is about to step out the door along with those who helped make your company what it is today. A corporate legacy helps capture and document that invaluable knowledge before it’s too late. Your business’ future depends in part on your ability to learn from past successes and mistakes. Don’t risk losing the knowledge gained from lessons learned. Through interviews and archival conservation, our corporate legacy program will help you move forward with confidence. Make it part of your corporate succession plan today.


Michelle Sullivan was a University of Western Ontario gold medal winner in History and French literature when she moved to Montreal to enroll in  the Université du Québec à Montréal’s masters program in History. She has studied under such eminent historians as Simpson, Emery, Kellow, Fahmy-Eid, Linteau and Bernard. She specializes in 20th Century and Women’s histories.

She sits on the board of the Association of Personal Historians, serving as its online director, and has access to a large network of collaborators including graphic designers, photographers and videographers.

Over the course of her career, Michelle has worked with a number of large corporations such as Rogers, JTI Macdonald and Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame on historically-based campaigns and events.