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Pitch Engine Alpha available

Have just received my alpha invite for Pitch Engine. Not quite sure to what extent it offers a full-service media relations platform, but suspect that it is limited to providing social media release layout without moving towards actual distribution. So basically, you’d point media to this social media press release tool rather than to those offered by, say, Marketwire or CNW.

I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl.

In my quest for better understanding, I used the Google link feature and suspect I’ve struck gold, but for another reason entirely. Deirdre Breakenridge’s blog was launched in August of last year and so far holds only about a dozen posts. Deirdre is the author of a few books on PR and social media. While her activity level is low (although picking up), the quality of her content isn’t. I’d encourage you to check her out. You’ll find her in my ever-growing blogroll to the right of the screen.

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