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Article of the day : The spoils of social media go to those who wait

Interesting article on the importance of investing in ongoing campaigns by companies who are trying to build communities and engage their clients in conversation. Includes the following Maggie Fox anecdote :

Maggie Fox remembers when she had an epiphany about social media marketing. Her young agency had taken on a campaign from Harlequin Enter-prises to promote the horror novel « Blood Ties. » The campaign generated quite a following on MySpace.com. Until its 14th week. That’s when the budget ran out, new content wasn’t generated and the program’s momentum ground to a halt.

« It just faded, » said Fox, whose Toronto-based Social Media Group now has eight employees and counts Ford Motor Co. and SAP among its clients. « The content dried up, and there was no one tasked with ongoing engagement. »

Full article here.