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Sage wisdom

I’m a huge fan of Sage Tyrtle and QN (or Quirky Nomads, in its previous incarnation).  Sage does audio-drama that turns heads as I laugh out loud walking down my street.  I’m not sure the old folk unused to iPod usage notice the earbuds and likely believe me to be insane.  No matter.  It’s totally worth it.  So much so that I was thrilled to become one of Sage’s QN Minions.  Thrilled.  To volunteer. Thrilled. To contribute, in some tiny way, to the audio-drama brilliance of which Sage is the ‘Maître d’orchestre’

Not everything is hilarity.  The other day, I had the pleasure of listening to Sage read an excerpt from Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody.  The historian and social media aficionado I am loved it.  And the timing for Blatchford is perfect.  Hope she reads the book or listens to Sage’s podcast some day soon.

Since everything is best when it comes in threes, I’ll close out my Blatchford-inspired series by sending you off to listen to Sage-as-Clay in Gin, Television and Social-surplus.  And yes, she asked for and was granted permission to use it.

Sages come in many forms and Tyrtle and Shirky are just two of the sagest.

Hat-tip to Sage: The repeated usage of your name as often as possible during the writing of this blog post is completely intentional.  Inside joke.  Go listen to the rest of Sage’s podcast to get it.  You’ll thank me.