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Campaign of the day : Two Tits and a Vote

It’s provocative, humourous and launches a direct hit against wait times for women’s health care in Ireland. Inspired by the real-life stuggles of a blogger, this PR campaign is already generating a nice buzz.

Sabrina Dent, the driving force behind the lobbying initiative is quoted in the TT&AV media release as saying :

Women make up more than 50% of the Irish population, but as a group, we’re not particularly politically active, nor are women or our issues well represented in government. Of the current lot of TDs*, only 12% are women. Because we’re not vocal enough as voters, we’re not regularly demanding attention where we want it to be focused.

The blog houses not only posts, but petitions, letter writing and postcard campaigns, an Action Alerts mailing list, a comment stream, links to resources as well as a donation tool.

Visibility in the Irish Daily Mirror here and the Irish Independent here.

Behind the scenes stuff on Sabrina’s blog starts here. American-born Sabrina is a freelance web designer, internet marketer and ‘sometime’ journalist now living in Cork.

As for the anonymous blogger whose case is outlined in the TT&AV campaign, her outrage begins in an October 2007 post entitled Girl Trouble and the Irish Health System.

This form of armchair activism will certainly continue to rise in popularity as more and more grassroot movements come to recognize the distinct advantages that come with harnessing the power of social media.

I’ll be following this as a particular case study, as it fits right in with some tactics I would have liked to have used a year or two ago with clients who just weren’t ready for them.

* Teachtaí Dála (member of the Irish parliament)