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Podcamp Toronto : Archives online

If you’re kicking yourself for having missed last weekend’s Podcamp Toronto, relax. Video archives from various sessions are now available online, courtesy of the Podcamp wiki.

Since I made a conscious decision to skip a majority of the marketing/social media sessions, in order to focus my attention on everything podcast, I missed fantastic presentations by people like Chris Brogan. Rumour has it he wowed the crowd with his Social Media & Networking Starter Guide.

Thanks goes out to the Podcamp Toronto organisers and session presenters for making these video archives available to us. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Podcamp Toronto : Promoting through Twitter

Dave Delaney (Two boobs and a baby + and The Nothing Show) has a last minute addition to the Podcamp Toronto schedule : with all the Twitter talk that’s been happening this weekend, he’s decided to look at using the platform to promote brands.

Some interesting stuff :

  • Japan is the leading Twittering country
  • Twitter is popular among a more educated audience
  • m/f = roughly 50/50
  • Use it : to build community, share news and promote
  • Tweet Scan = good service for tracking posts
  • Twitter has a nice viral element in that posts might be intriguing enough for you to find out who your buddy is chatting with
  • Use Twitter Tools to plug into WordPress – lets you post your blog entries to Twitter – basically another way to subscribe to a blog feed
  • Good source for breaking news
  • Use TinyURL, SNURL, URLtea or any other URL shortener to share web links
  • Everytime Dave posts to Twitter, he sees peaks in his blog traffic
  • Keep tweets short
  • Promotes two-way audience engagement
  • Southwest airlines is using Twitter to announce discounts and events
  • Set up a Twitter account to connect to your podcast
  • Tips : search for your name spelled wrong or as one word to be sure you’re getting all your messages
  • Use Jott.com to post from your phone to your Twitter feed or send a Twitter Gram
  • Use Twitter badges on your blog
  • Firefox plugin = Twitbin lets you follow the timeline
  • Twittervision lets you follow real time tweets showing you the location of random users
  • You can create an RSS feed for Tweet Scan

Podcamp Toronto : Status Competition

Nos amis Jerome Paradis et Kim Vallée se sont déplacés pour présenter leur application ‘Status Competition’ aux participants de Podcamp Toronto.

Jerome explique qu’ils étaient à la recherche d’une façon amusante de ‘jouer’ avec Facebook et de faire de l’expérimentation sociale. Kim dit qu’elle utilisait le status competition de Facebook pour promouvoir son blogue et trouvait que c’était une façon intéressante de suivre les membres de sa propre communauté.

Ils ont trouvé intéressant d’apporter une valeur ajoutée à une application déjà existante, plutôt que de lancer quelque chose de neuf. Jerome a raconté une anecdote concernant l’achat de nouvelles lunettes et l’impact ressenti quand Kim a utilisé Facebook pour en discuter. Au YULBiz suivant, ils étaient six à soulever la question des nouvelles lunettes. Kim et Jerome ont donc compris le potentiel existant.

Quelques conseils pour les développeurs : selon Jerome, les applications Facebook doivent demeurer simples et utiles.

Podcamp Toronto : WordPress

Bob Goyetche recommends having your own WordPress site witha Libsyn back end. You get the best of both worlds : a cost effective media file hosting platform, and a site that is flexible and reliable.

WordPress.org – this is where the software actually lives. You download and install it on your server. You do need some technical expertise for this, since you’re managing your own database. A lot of hosts will do the install and updates for you with one easy click. WordPress.org is what you want to download if you want to set your site up under your own domain name.

WordPress.com – like blogger, content is hosted on their server, so you end up with a WordPress domain name. This, apparently, cannot be migrated to your own domain name.

The joy of Podcamp : you vote with your feet. Time to duck out of this session and do another interview.

Podcamp Toronto : Greencasting

This series of presentations by ‘greencasters’ showcased a few environmentally oriented blogs and podcasts :

Glenn McKnight and Ryan Wiseman of the Energy Conservation Society of Ontario presented their Oshawa Energy Conservation Fair campaign strategy. Their campaign capitalizes upon the how-to angle, speaking to people who are already sensitized to the importance of controlling carbon emissions.

Ryan Wiseman of Besustainable blogs and podcasts his interviews with people doing ‘cool’ things in the space. He remains involved in The Green Majority.

Victoria Fenner also participated in the presentation, speaking about her blog, Magnetic Spirits. She also spoke about the Rabble podcast network, ‘a growing collection of Canadian podcasts which offer an alternative take on politics, entertainment, society, stories, community and life in general’. She spoke about One World Radio as a good resource for uploading content. (Également disponible en français)

The participants say they’re are in the embryonic stages of trying to set up standards for greencasters and bringing the community together through a collective, so the focus of the presentation was to reach out, more than to really share and exchange expertise. Frankly, a lot of it sounded like a pitch session. It’ll be up to me to grab some of these people to get their input and insights on their experiences in the greencasting space, but either way, I’m left from some intriguing resources to explore. Oh! And I’m also left with a Project Porchlight lightbulb, courtesy of One Change. Thanks, One Change.