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Twitter imposters: when it’s better to laugh than to cry

The Montreal twitterverse is all a-buzz this morning. It would seem that Michelle Blanc‘s better half, ‘Bibitte’ as she is nicknamed, has had her identity usurped on Twitter. Which is a little odd, given that she is a discreet person, who, granted, shows up on occasion as a mention in Michelle’s blog, Facebook page and twitter stream. I guess that a mythical aura is developing around her, which must be odd, to say the least.  She has responded by parking her identity on her own Twitter account, and, thanks to validation by Michelle, already has more followers than the fake ‘Bibitte’.

Which reminds me of a hilarious Wire Tap I heard recently. Jonathan Goldstein hunts down and confronts his Twitter imposter.

So I dedicate this blog post to the charming (and real) Bibitte. Enjoy the listen.

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