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Video of the day : Mr Rogers and authenticity

RSS feeds are wonderful things – so are Facebook apps for Google Reader. Thanks to that application, I was able to pick up on an important lesson Mitch Joel chose to share with his network. He picked it up through John Kinde’s blog Humour Power.

In 1969, Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood fame, appeared before a Senate Subcommittee to advocate the continued funding of children’s educational programming. His speech is a powerful demonstration of the intense sway of authentic and transparent discourse.

I feel like Mr. Rogers in saying it, but just being yourself is fundamentally the best way to go. Passion for a cause is contagious.

It’s worth reading John Kinde’s blog posting before moving onto the video.

Blog here

Video here

Thank for finding this post and sharing it, Mitch.

« I feel the greatest gift we can give to anybody is the gift of our honest self. » — Fred Rogers