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Social Media: gourmet, not fast food

When I think social media, I think five course meal. I think candles. I think cloth napkins. I think extensive wine list and sommelier. I think silverware. I think china. I think digestif. I think gourmet.

I don’t think fast food. I don’t think disposable flatware. I don’t think throw-away containers. I don’t think drive-through. I don’t think pepto-bismol chasers.

We’re living in interesting times. Those of us who were ahead of the wave are now watching it crash down on the beach, and the sound is exhilarating. Companies are convinced and coming to us asking for social media strategies. How do we counsel them?

It seems easy to offer up the fast food solution. Terms like ‘viral’ are bandied around, and the number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers seem to be the golden ring everyone is reaching for. But what about community? Social media is at its best when building community ties is the ultimate goal. This requires patience, investment and commitment … not really qualities we’re known for, as a society, here in North America. Or at least not qualities we’ve been known for since our economy was turned upside down in the post-war period. Since we entered into the consumer society era.

Social media is like a gourmet meal. It’s at its best when time is taken in its preparation. When benchmarking studies and influencer audits are done. When listening takes a front seat. Then you choose your wine. You take the time to choose between Bordeaux and Merlot. Blog or Facebook. You decide on vintage. Twitter or podcasting. The first course comes and you savour it. You enjoy sitting at a table with your other dinner guests, discussing common interests and learning about one another. By the time the third course is served, you’ve started to warm up to one another. You build trust. You feel you can lean over and ask for a favour or for advice. By the fourth course, you’re not surprised when the person sitting across from you at the table offers up an apology or a solution to a problem you’re experiencing. By the time dessert has been served and the last digestif enjoyed, and you stand up to leave the table, you’re promising one another that you’ll have to do it again next week. And offering to bring an interesting guest to the next dinner party.

Social media done right takes us back to a time when we relished in long conversation, and trust was earned and then sealed with a handshake. It is life at a slower pace, at a time when our business culture has us moving at breakneck speed.

It is a gourmet meal in fast-food times.

PodCamp Montréal 2010: j’y serai!

PodCamp Montréal

Décompte PodCamp Montréal 2010: Coup de coeur no. 2 « Chillcast with Anji Bee »

En cette journée de canicule, je poursuis la présentation de ma série de balados préférées avec la sublime Anji Bee, qui produit, depuis bon nombre d’années et au grand plaisir des mélomanes, l’excellente « Chillcast ». Rien de mieux comme musique d’ambiance la prochaine fois que vous recevrez des amis à souper, ou comme trame sonore d’une soirée en tête-à-tête avec votre amoureux. C’est ‘hot’ comme balado. (Canicule? Hot? Vous catchez?)

Sa bio:

Anji Bee is a Southern California vocalist, lyricist, podcaster and vidcaster. She is one half of the indie band, Lovespirals, as well as the hostess and producer of the chillout music podcast, The Chillcast, and Chillcast Video, as well as the co-hostess and producer of the Chillin’ with Lovespirals podcast.

Quelle voix! Je vous invite à écouter sa toute dernière ICI.

Ms Bee est l’exemple même de cette sous-culture du monde de la balado qui adore partager ses coups de cœur musicaux avec les membres de sa ‘tribu’. Je pense à des Laurent Lasalle, par exemple, ou des Lada et Georges.

Ceux qui connaissent Julien Smith, Montréalais, auteur extraordinaire, un des membres fondateurs de PodCamp Montréal et un des premiers baladodiffuseurs du Canada (sinon LE premier – titre contesté entre amis ;), apprécieront cette conversation avec Anji Bee, enregistrée en 2007. Une belle complicité entre deux excellents podcasteurs.