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Inspiration on Facebook: Anne Frank House, a museum with a story

There are some truly wonderful things being done with Facebook, and the Anne Frank House is behind one very touching initiative that serves not only to promote the museum and its work, but to fulfill its mission of ensuring that the memory of  Anne Frank, the young symbol of courage during the holocaust of WWII, remains fresh in the minds of new generations. The museum’s Internet site, The Secret Annex, is promoted on Facebook through a Fan page, as well as an application that allows users to have quotes from Anne Frank’s diary posted daily on their Facebook walls.

Today’s quote from Anne is extraordinary, when you realize the conditions under which the words were written.  Definitely one to reflect upon:

Think of all the beauty in yourself and around you and be happy.

Hat tip to Marisa Curcio of Oxfam Quebec for bringing the fan page and application to my attention.

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