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The Bad Pitch – are you guilty of any of these sins?

This blog post by Nick Balkin is worth a visit by anyone who does media relations. Hopefully, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief because you’re not guilty of any of these sins, but, alone in your office or cubicle, take a close look, do a bit of soul-searching, and treat yourself to a good self-flagellation session if you are. Or, like the guy in the DaVinci Code book, wear a cilice. Do something. Anything. Seriously.

PR People: Stop Being Bad at Stuff and Read This

This entry by Nick Balkin, guest poster.
Face it: you went into PR because you wanted to be a superstar. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to work hard to build your name and reputation before you score those VIP passes. Lucky for you, I’ve learned some extremely helpful tips and tricks to navigate the murky waters of being totally awesome, and today only, I’m going to share them with you.

(read Balkin’s tips here – and yes, in case you didn’t recognize it, that’s dripping sarcasm oozing from your screen)

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