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Stratford goes 2.0

The Stratford Festival has launched a Facebook marketing campaign :

« Hooked on Shakespeare » is a Stratford Shakespeare Festival application that allows you to: build a Shakespeare character personality profiler; find out how famous actors are connected to the Festival with a « 6 Degrees of Separation » game; and test your knowledge of Shakespeare in a trivia contest (free ticket prizes awarded every month).

Also, be sure to visit our Stratford Shakespeare Festival fan page for exclusive photos and videos.

Contest : The top scorer each month will receive one pair of tickets to a performance in our 2008 season. In the event of a tie, all top scorers will be pooled with a winner randomly selected.

So far they have 138 daily active users (about 5% of their total pool).

They also have a fan page that looks like it was set up in March. 1879 members so far.

I suspect the ad purchase will cause that number to rise.

Wonder what it is in my profile that has The Stratford Festival knocking on my door (other than obvious good taste and class).

My brother’s friend Zaib Shaikh from Little Mosque was at Stratford one year … wonder if they’ve included him in their little 6 degrees of separation contest … Hmm …

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