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3e mardi | Third Tuesday videos online

Now online : the first two installments of a monthly video interview series to be recorded by CT Moore, of Gypsy Bandito and the 3MTT organising committee, during our 3e mardi Third Tuesday Montreal events.

The first features Heidi and Melissa of USAFundraising, a division of Reader’s Digest.

The second has Duncan Moore explain his use of online media, including blogs and Twitter.

Coming soon (hopefully) : the launch of the 3MTT podcast series.

Article du Jour : 17 Tips For Getting Bloggers To Write About You

Vous connaissez Cory Doctorow? Il est l’éditeur d’un des plus importants blogues en Amérique : Boing Boing. Si vous ne connaissez pas Boing Boing, cessez de lire ce billet et précipitez vous vers leur site afin de mieux comprendre le phénomène. Pis revenez.

Dans un récent article, il présente un beau résumé de conseils que se doivent de suivre tous ceux qui veulent attirer — et maintenir — l’attention des blogueurs :

What makes a site blogger-unfriendly? I’ve been keeping a list for the past couple of months. These are simple design and deployment mistakes that kept me from picking up a link and reposting it where millions might find it. Here’s the list, a kind of anti-checklist for anyone who’s spending money and time trying to get a message out.

Un grand merci à Bob LeDrew, qui m’a mis la puce à l’oreille via Facebook.

Podcasters Across Borders : programmation maintenant en ligne

Podcasters Across Borders est devenu un incontournable au calendrier des baladodiffuseurs canadiens, attirant également un bon nombre d’américains. Pour y avoir assisté l’an dernier, je suis en mesure d’affirmer que le contenu est riche, l’ambiance sympa, les activités de réseautage en soirée divertissantes et le tarif plus que raisonnable.

La programmation 2008 est en ligne depuis cet après-midi… et j’y suis. Je présenterai les résultats archi-préliminaires d’un blog qui ne sera même pas lancé avant le mois d’avril. Le projet est trop beau pour ne pas en parler.

À suivre.

Regrettable de ne pas voir ni Mitch Joel ni Julien Smith au programme cette année, mais je suis heureuse de remarquer le retour de Tod Maffin et de Neil Gorman, qui étaient tous les deux très mémorables l’an dernier, ainsi que la présence de Jay Moonah, Marko Kulik, Dan Misener et notre ami Sylvain Grand’maison. Et comment oublier nos hôtes, Bob Goyetche et Mark Blevis?

Facile de se lier d’amitié avec ces passionnés. Je vous invite à vous joindre à nous en vous inscrivant à PAB2008 ici.

Second Life : not your average law firm

Maybe it’s because I’m not a gamer. Or because I’m not (currently) feeling a pressing need to escape into another persona. I’m just not into Second Life. I get as far as the first step of trying to create, dress and manoeuvre my avatar and get bored. I would need someone to hold my hand and give me an interactive demo.

Maybe I’ll call my lawyer.

Montreal’s Davis LLP has just become Canada’s first law firm to venture into Second Life :

For Davis LLP, which already had a successful blog, Second Life was seen as the next logical step. Multinational firms such as IBM have been replicating themselves in Second Life and using it for many purposes, from marketing to conducting business.

“Lawyers go where their clients are or where they think they can get clients,” says Pablo Guzman, who practises in Davis’ Montreal office. (His impeccably dressed avatar is “PabloGuzman Little.”) “For us, Second Life is a great marketing tool and a recruitment tool. It’s not necessarily somewhere where we can practise law, because we do not practise law in cyberspace.” (…) at this point it’s mainly getting inquiries about what the firm is doing. While the avatars don’t provide legal advice, it’s seen as a way to connect with potential real-life clients, but it’s still too early to say whether it will become a generator of volume work.

The firm is also experimenting with the idea of “locked” virtual offices for private chats and meetings with potential articling students (…)1

Thanks to Roberto Rocha, who gave his Twitter followers a heads up about this announcement.

  1. Source : Canadian Lawyer, March 2008

Inside PR debut

Episode 102 of Inside PR features moi and my Sunday night franco brain. It was past 10 on Sunday night when we taped this and my mind was furiously trying to translate as I spoke. My hats off to everyone else on this podcast panel who managed to get through the recording without uttering a 10th of the Uhs .. and ums .. that I did. There’s definitely an art there that I am still in the process of refining.

I’m starting to realize that, as a podcaster, I do much better with a little preparation and some kind of roadmap in front of me. 100% improv is hard!

Thanks to Terry and Dave .. and a special thanks to Keith McArthur of com.motion, whose point of view as a former journalist and relatively new PR practitioner is always interesting. Like I said to our hosts, I think he’s a keeper!