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Inside PR : Knights of the roundtable

Tonight, I’ll be joining the new InsidePR roundtable. Terry and Dave have passed the 100-episode mark and have shaken things up with a new format. Each week, they invite PR professionals who are blogging and podcasting to add their voices to the InsidePR discussion.

Last week’s roundtable participants :

Julie Rusciolelli from Maverick PR

Keith McArthur from Veritas’ com.motion

Martin Waxman from Palette PR

The first topic of roundtable discussion was inspired by a Centennial College student’s musings about how to deal with the stereotypical perception of our industry, given its oft-sullied reputation.

The second discussion centered around Ontario MP and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Michael Bryant’s use of YouTube. Apparently Tim Hortons is a great place to measure the pulse of a community.

InsidePR goes up on iTunes and the blog every Tuesday.

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