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Podcamp Ottawa

Thank goodness for people like Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche. For podcasting ‘newbies’ like me, Sunday’s Podcamp Ottawa was a godsend.

I missed Charles Hodgson’s session on WordPress, but got a ton of great info from the roundtable discussion that followed. I also really appreciated Bob’s Audacity demonstration and picked up a couple of tips that will certainly make my life easier.

A couple of interesting things came out of the discussions, including the possibility that a podcasting wiki be developed, which would include a step-by-step basic guide to podcasting. I would LOVE to have my hand held through the basic process just once, then go off to tweak and explore new techniques afterwards. As a non-instruction-reading-non-techie, I find it can be daunting to try to figure software out by myself and having a clear and basis step-by-step process to follow to the letter would definitely help bring my confidence levels up.

As a bonus to the day, I met a lot of really interesting people and have a few potential podcasts on my radar. Can’t wait to see them come to life.

So thanks, Mark, Bob and Charles (and our host, the NAC), for a great… encouraging… event. Cheers!


  1. Bob

    2007.11.26 @ 20:44

    It was great to see you there Michelle! I’m glad you got something out of it.

    As for the wiki – it’s more than a possibility, work is already under way. Look for something on the Canadian Podcast Buffet soon!

  2. Gab Goldenberg

    2007.11.27 @ 16:33

    You’ve got some nice content Michelle, but the light blue links are hard on the eyes, and not easy to distinguish from the rest of your text. Underlining them, at least, would help, as would making them a different colour.

    See you at Yulbiz?

    Gab Goldenberg

  3. Michelle Sullivan

    2007.11.27 @ 19:03

    Thanks for the feedback, Gab. You’re absolutely right, of course. For some reason the grey/blue colour scheme I originally had going didn’t work out. Time to adjust my settings. Migrating this blog to WordPress soon (no, really, I am) so expect this to be resolved for good then.

    As for YULbiz, the best laid plans and all being what they are, I’m going to have to miss it. Which is a shame, since it’s the launch of the collaborative book on social media by the likes of Marc Snyder, Philippe Martin, Michel Leblanc and Sylvain Carle …

    Clients come first, unfortunately. Enjoy!

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