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Social media and the non-profit sector

The non-profit sector is jumping on board the social media bandwagon. Operation Kids is going hog-wild :

  • launched a widget
  • developing a blog
  • developing an electronic newsletter for sponsors
  • developing a new website
  • launched a presence on nine targeted social networking sites

« In the past, we just solicited donations, » Larsen said. « We have realized that the current generation of donors, however, wants to feel a meaningful connection with the organization to which they donate. With this step, we are working to foster that connection through involving donors in new ways. »

About Operation Kids :Operation Kids is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Whole Child – their education, health, safety and well-being. Founded in 1999 the mission of Operation Kids is to support a global community of diverse, qualified and measurably effective charities, each addressing aspects of the Whole Child. These charities have earned the « OK Charity » designation, which means individual and corporate donors alike can give with confidence and expect accountability and results. All donations go directly to charitable causes.

One to follow. It’ll be interesting to see how they do.

Press release here

Facebook group here

Know how successful other non-profits are at using social media? Seems to be big in the UK. What about here in Quebec? What are they up to and how are they doing?

Hoping to work with one of my non-profit clients on a social media strategy. If it comes to pass, I’ll talk about it here.

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