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Endorsements in the Social Media age

In today’s blog, Donna Papacosta has publicly endorsed Tod Maffin, sharing information about his newest presentation, Recruiting in the Facebook Generation, with her readers. She describes him as a futurist, (…) brilliant and (…) funny as hell.

The immediacy of blog publication makes the already supportive environment of the social media community so easy.

So, I’ve decided to keep the cycle going.

Yesterday, I sat in on Donna’s podcasting Webinar. Fantastic introduction to the world of podcasting by a highly respected mover-and-shaker. Donna’s podcasts and blog are always full of interesting tips and tricks, most notably her checklist for podcasters, a must-read for anyone thinking about dipping a toe in the podcasting pool.

Donna, who is based in Southern Ontario, offers customized workshops to communicators and companies interested in exploring the social media landscape.

A very classy lady.


  1. Donna Papacosta

    2007.08.24 @ 21:09

    Merci for the kind words, Michelle. So nice to see you IN PERSON again at the Geek Dinner for Mitch Joel in Toronto this week.

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