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PAB2007 – Day 2, Topic 3 – Licensing

The unveiling of the Canadian Podcasting Legal Guide happened today at PAB2007. Andy Kaplan-Myrth of Creative Commons explained that copyrighting happens automatically for all creative work, including podcasting and therefore gets default protection. Only the copyright owner can distribute, copy and modify their work. When you write All Rights Reserved in your work, you are being redundant in emphasizing an automatic right. Sampling excerpts of podcasts, or sharing a podcast through a site that is not that of the creator is an infringement of copyright. Especially if money is involved.

Creative Commons licenses works out as ‘some rights reserved’. It is a tool that allows podcasters to distribute their work more broadly. Six different standards of licences exist, with different configurations of what is permissible.

A Canadian version of the license is available, and has been customized for Canadian law. Kaplan-Myrth encourages Canadian podcasters to choose this version in order to benefit from greater protection.

Kathi Simmons takes over to explain that the guide is an educational resource and legal roadmap to help podcasters navigate Canada’s complex legal waters. Copies of the guide are made available to PAB2007 participants. A downloadable version will be online shortly and a wiki is in the works.

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