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Search engine of the decade : Google

I love Google. Ask any of my friends. I’ve gushed to them all over the years about my new best friend. Sometimes I think my love for this search engine is unnatural. I tell myself it’s the historian in me — the chick who loves research and discovery. As time goes on, I realize it’s the actually the PR chick in me, thrilled by the possibilities.

There you have it : in my relationship with Google, I’m like a 16 year old cheerleader with a crush on the captain of the football team.

Interesting article on the relationship between PR and Google by Greg Miller, President, Marketcom PR, available here.

Excerpts :

What does it mean for us as PR and marketing professionals? Here are the new facts of life in the Google universe :

-There really is no such thing as a secret anymore.

-Your key audiences get information about your company as quickly as you do.

-(From) Google’s perspective, your corporate information is a commodity, with no more inherent value than any other information its spiders pick up in their Web trolling.

-The media is now using Google as a primary news source—and often the only one—in its coverage about you and your company.

-Blogs can report—or distort—information about you, your company and your products in ways that are nearly impossible to prevent or, once posted, take down.

What can PR professionals and marketers do? At a minimum, you need to consider these three things :

-Do an immediate and thorough audit of how your company and its products are represented in the search engine database.

-Start a holistic campaign that surfaces good things about you, your company and your products. Use press releases, media coverage, speaking events and bylined articles to get the word out.

-Leverage the power of the new media. Can a well-placed item on YouTube help sell more product? Can a sponsored blog support your litigation strategy? Is it time to think about Google Ads? And don’t forget the piece of new media real estate you directly control—your company’s website.

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