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PR history nerds unite

I came to PR by way of History – my undergrad and graduate university studies are in a field which my professors assured me would lead me to great things and provide me with the rigorous discipline needed to accomplish pretty much anything. I’m not sure about the discipline, but cranking out weekly 30 page history papers was certainly a good foundation for what I do now. Besides, having a solid cultural background and knowledge of what has come before helps me make the kind of links that help me help my clients make informed strategic choices.

So for all you history buffs out there, the best of both worlds : an online museum of PR history.

How exciting is that?

Check it out here

Bonus points to whoever can give me the name of uncle of the father of modern PR? (Try saying that 10 times fast). Explains a lot, actually.

So, professors Emery, Simpson, Kellow, Fahmy-Eid, Linteau and Bernard .. this one’s for you. Merci, pour tout.

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