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Article of the day: The state of the blogosphere as per Technorati

Technorati is known widely for its quarterly State of the Blogosphere reports, analyzing the trends around blogs and blogging. With this report, we expand on this tradition by introducing information and analysis relating to the broader range of social media on the Web — what we and many others call the Live Web (another good definition). Technorati continues to grow well beyond its roots at the leading blog search engine; increasingly, we are the main aggregation point for all forms of social media on the Web, including blogs, of course, but also video, photos, audio such as podcasts and much more.

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  1. domcura versicherung stiftung warentest

    2017.02.02 @ 11:44

    pisze:To Brazylii się na razie nie wybieram :/ Ale to moja pierwsza mam nadzieję podróż, więc wszystko przede mną. Jeśli masz ochotę na trochę Brazylii zajrzyj na . Dziewczyny właśnie wróciły z podróży między innymi po Brazylii.

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