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Turf wars

In his latest article, Matt Shaw, VP of the Council on Public Relations in the US is decries marketing’s incursion in the realm of social influence.

Yes. This is what I’m talking about : if Quebec PR practitioners don’t wake up and take hold of social media, if they don’t understand it and sell the concept to their clients, someone else will.

Why are we being so timid?

Thanks Matt : now I’m even more pumped to participate in the upcoming Geek Dinner and YulBiz events. I’m curious to see how many PR reps there will be in the mix. And how many of them are serious about incorporating social media into their strategies.

The simple truth is that clients want the best idea. Period. If it comes from their PR firm, ad agency or their next door neighbor, it is the breakthrough idea, not the messenger that is essential.

The public relations firms that are excelling, and there are many, have several key things in common : forward-thinking management, motivated staff and extremely grateful clients. They are all inextricably linked, but the first point is the engine. Firms that are bold and not afraid to take chances, and that provide their employees with the knowledge and tools that will create those breakthrough ideas … those firms will win more than their share of turf battles.

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