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It’s been interesting to see how the Garth Turner story has been playing out in the media since news broke yesterday that he was doing, himself, what he had criticized others of doing : crossing the floor of Parliament. Or so it would seem. Turner is using his blog to try convince us otherwise.

En bref : A former business columnist for the Toronto Sun, Turner ran into trouble with his former boss, PMSH, as he likes to call him. Among other things, tight lipped Harper wasn’t pleased about his Conservative MP’s blog and asked him to shut it down. He refused, and some time afterwards began sitting as an Independent. Now, after toying with the idea of going Green, he has switched his allegiance over to Dion’s Liberals. According to him, there hasn’t been a Liberal in his family since his great-grandfather, Ebenezer Vining Bodwell sat in the house at Confederation. Should make for an interesting Sunday dinner in the Turner household.

Meanwhile, Turner promises not to divulge any caucus secrets in his blog.

Turner seems to be using his blog/vlog to some effect. Although after being teased with the promise of a video with Dion, I have to say I’m disappointed to click on the link and note that no such video has yet been posted.

Maybe it’s just a question of timing. Maybe I’m too quick on the ‘piton’ – he did only post his blog entry a few short minutes ago. Maybe the video guys are running behind schedule.


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